The top 6 most outrageous ways to serve coffee


They say that you eat with your eyes. Well, it’s the same principal when it comes to drinking, as a vast number of customers want their coffee to be as ‘Instgramable’ as possible. Here’s a countdown of the most intriguing ways to serve coffee around the world.

Flaming Waterfall – Mexico

This extravagant, flashy way of serving coffee is a true showstopper. Not for the fainthearted barista, the flaming waterfall almost certainly goes against every safety regulation in the book! Click here to see it!

Avocado Coffee – Turkey

A selection of Turkish cafés has been serving their coffee in hollowed out avocados. This is said to have minimal impact on the flavour and it certainly makes for an intriguing presentation.

Chocolate Eggs – Australia

Particularly appropriate around the Easter period, this indulgent way of serving coffee gives sweet chocolate notes – funnily enough. The one drawback of this is the egg melting, meaning that the coffee must be served at a cooler temperature.

Cone Coffee – South Africa

Like a small child walking away from the ice-cream van, customers at cafés around Johannesburg can walk away with their coffee in a cone. This serving method allows additional flavours to be added around the rim of the cone such as chocolate and toffee.

Camera Lens Coffee – America

An ode to coffee becoming a work of art, several American coffee shops are serving their brews in camera lens containers. Get a snap of that and put it on the gram!

Plastic Bags – Bolivia

A novel way to save coffee shops money and help the environment is the common Bolivian serving method of coffee in plastic bags, tied at the top with a straw.


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