The Blend’s top 5 coolest espresso machines


Style over substance? Perhaps, but when you have espresso machines as cool as any one of these, customers will likely be too in awe to notice anything else.

Etienne Louis – designed by Carlo Borer

A cross between a space ship and a sea mine, this espresso machine has a noxious yet undeniably cool aesthetic. Perhaps for a secret moon base coffee shop.

Espresso Veloce V12

Imagine the roar from this beast! With only 500 in the world, this rare machine will keep your coffee production firing on all cylinders.

Slayer Steam

Did somebody say gold? With clean lines and show-stopping design, the Slayer Steam is ideal for those who aren’t afraid to stand out a little. Did we mention that its gold?

Brevetti Gaggia

Polished chrome plating and an extravagantly shaped body give this Brevetti machine a grandiose and flamboyant image.

Espresso Parts Custom

There is something beautiful about the inner components of machinery working fluidly together. Espresso Parts have made this the focal point of their range of custom glass machinery to make an intriguingly cool espresso machine.


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