Top 5 striking art displays found in coffee shops


The stimulating environment which coffee shops are able to create is crucial to their success. Whether it be to intrigue the casual customer or to inspire a creative worker, artwork displays are a phenomenal way to enhance the decor of a cafe. Here are five of the most striking displays found by The Blend;

Penny Lane Art Gallery and Cafe

Displaying a range of local artists work, this gallery come coffee shop is the idyllic location to soak up some culture and caffeine simultaneously.

Original Dampkring Coffee Shop

Art being a very subjective and ambiguous term, a select few may appreciate this piece found in an Amsterdam coffee shop.


Open from 6am to midnight each day, this coffee shop is the perfect setting to relax at any time of day, while soaking in oil painting from the best local artists.

Cafe Plenty

With the vibrant coffee and art scene in Brighton, it is unsurprising to see such engaging art work found in this locally renowned coffee house.

Renoma Cafe

Why mess about with hanging artwork up when you can just turn the entire wall into a masterpiece? That was clearly the mentality taken from the team at Renoma Cafe.


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