The power of protein


The days of protein heavy diets being only for gym-going behemoths are now a thing of the past. Medical experts promote protein rich diets to the masses, highlighting a myriad of benefits including metabolism boosts, improved weight loss and muscular repair aid, among a host of others.

So, what makes protein so special and why is its popularity skyrocketing? Proteins are constructed from chains of amino acids, of which there are 20. The human body is only capable of producing a small number of these, meaning the remainder must be supplemented through our diets. With this information being promoted heavily via word of mouth and news reports, customers are actively seeking protein based meals, snacks and drinks whenever possible, with sales in this sector increasing by 26% in the last year. This has transposed into the coffee shop market, with demand spiking for caffeinated protein-rich offerings – something the industry is slowly beginning to assimilate to.

There are many ways to integrate this into a menu, the most popular of which include scoops of whey proteins in smoothies, meat-based food dishes – medically referred to as ‘complete proteins’ –and snack bars. This has the potential for a strong flow of income for many coffee shops, with the added advantage of whey proteins having a long storage life, taking much of the pressure off of sales.

With the recommended daily intake of protein being 56g for men and 46g for women, coffee shops should endeavour to provide products which cater to at least a third of these amounts, as many constitute their visits as one of their daily meals. If the protein content of your products is advertised correctly, customers will be more prone to order items once their health concerns have been addressed.


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