12 things that infuriate baristas!


Being a barista is brilliant, meeting good people and making great coffee. There are however, quite a few things that can make baristas blood boil, so The Blend have decided to vent a few of these frustrations and round up the top 12. Don’t forget to let us know what infuriates you!

  1. People ordering while on the phone – Customers wouldn’t dare do this in a restaurant, so why does it become acceptable in a coffee shop? Hang up or put them on hold and treat your baristas like a human beings!Image result for business people in coffee shops
  2. Having business people hang around for hours with one drink – Potential customers coming in and walking out because there are no seats available is a touch annoying. Even more so when those two business people in the corner have been nursing those two espressos for the past three hours.
  3. Being rushed for an order in the morning – Oh, I’m sorry your time management is poor but don’t breath down my neck when there are other customers waiting who have given themselves enough time to get coffee.
  4. Customers expecting their barista to know their regular order – That medium foamy soya latte? How could I forget! I only made 200 drinks when you came in two weeks ago.
  5. It’s an ‘Espresso’, not ‘Expresso’! – Get it right, you moron.
  6. Know your drink order before you get to the counter – With a long que of people behind the customer, who probably all know what they want, the customer decides to mull over the entire menu only once they get to the front of the line. Ahhhhggh!
  7. People questioning a drink that the barista has made for them – Did you want to come behind the counter as you’re clearly so much better at making coffee? No, thought not.Image result for extra hot coffee
  8. ‘Extra hot’ orders – If you want to order a burnt drink that is both dangerous for me to make and you to hold as it’s the temperature of the sun, then be our guest. This still won’t stop them complaining about it when the coffee tastes awful.
  9. Customers who assume the barista is flirting when they’re just being nice – Baristas work in customer service. They are paid to be nice to customers, so don’t assume they want your phone number and walk off with that swagger in your step young man.
  10. Individual customers taking up large tables by themselves – Shall we put a little VIP rope around the third of the shop floor you are taking up, covered with half of your life’s work? Get a smaller table.
  11. Customers hanging around the entrance right before closing – Come in or don’t, but when the shop needs closing down and machines need cleaning, hurry it up and leave.
  12. When you hear your order – come and get it! – Baristas do not want to be shouting out customers orders 10 times before that person takes their headphones out of gets off the phone to realise their coffee is ready.

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