The 15 best cities for coffee in the UK


The UK coffee scene is going through a resurgence, with three new coffee shops opening across the towns and cities of the UK daily, each going after its own niche in the market and tinkering to create the best coffee possible. These often appear in clusters, giving particular cities and regions a profound reputation for great coffee. The Blend has rounded up the top 15 cities, renowned for their great coffee.

15) Reading

Coffee shops to visit: Artigiano Espresso, Workhouse Coffee and C.U.P

Top coffee roasters: Reading Coffee Roasters, Workhouse Coffee

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14) York

Coffee shops to visit: The Perky Peacock, Gatehouse Coffee and Stanley & Ramona

Top coffee roasters: York Coffee Emporium and Spectrum Coffee Roasters

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13) Nottingham

Coffee shops to visit: 200 Degrees, Divine Coffee House and Cartwheel

Top coffee roasters: Outpost Coffee Roasters, The Bean and The Roasting House

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12) Bristol

Coffee shops to visit: Small Street Espresso, Full Court Press and Cafe Revival

Top coffee roasters: Extract Coffee Roasters, Clifton Coffee Roasters and Wogan Coffee Roasters

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11) Cambridge

Coffee shops to visit: Hot Numbers Coffee, Urban Larder and Charlie’s Coffee Company

Top coffee roaster: Pharmacie Coffee Roasters, Hot Numbers Coffee and Coffee World

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10) Leeds

Coffee shops to visit: Laynes Espresso, Opposite Cafe and La Bottega Milanese

Top coffee roasters: North Star Coffee Roasters, Maude Coffee Roasters and Cielo Coffee Roasters

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9) Sheffield

Coffee shops to visit: Steam Yard, Upshot Espresso and Tamper Coffee

Top coffee roasters: Forge Coffee Roasters, Foundry Coffee Roasters and Smith St. Coffee Roasters

8) Belfast

Coffee shops to visit: Established Coffee, Sinnamon and Ground Espresso Bar

Top coffee roasters: Root & Branch Coffee Roasters, Qulaity Coffee NI and Bailies Coffee Roasters

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7) Bath

Coffee shops to visit: Society Cafe, Mokoko and Colonna & Smalls

Top coffee roasters: Round Hill Roastery, Colonna Coffee and Bath Coffee Company

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6) Birmingham

Coffee shops to visit: Six Eight Cafe, Faculty Coffee and 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge

Top coffee roasters: Quarter Horse Coffee Roasters, The Coffee Roaster, 200 Degrees

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5) Manchester

Coffee shops to visit: Takk, Ancoats General Store and North Tea Power

Top coffee roasters: Passion Fruit Coffee Roastery, Mancoco and Heart & Graft

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4) Glasgow

Top coffee shops: Artisan Roast, The Steamie Coffee Roasters and Gordon Street Coffee

Top coffee roasters: The Roast Den, Thomas Coffee Roasters and Dear Green Coffee Roasters

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3) Brighton

Coffee shops to visit: Small Batch, Marwood and Bond Street Coffee

Top coffee roasters: Red Roaster, Small Batch Coffee and Trading Post Coffee Roasters

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2) Edinburgh

Coffee shops to visit: Brew Lab, The Milkman and Black Medicine Coffee

Top coffee roasters: Artisan Roast, Mr Eion Coffee Roasters and Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Co.

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1) London

Coffee shops to visit: Monmouth, Timberyard and Prufrock

Top coffee roasters: Square Mile, Alchemy and Climson & Sons

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