Top 5 grab-and-go food items coffee shops must offer


With on-the-go food representing a huge market for coffee shops to explore, it is essential to have a tempting selection to choose from, yet in-keeping with the ‘paradox of choice’ by not overwhelming customers with choice. The Blend has bought together the top five options that have an essential spot on coffee shop menus.


Standard Retail Price: £2.25

Average Markup: 120-200%

Popular the world over, this French patisserie presents a no-fuss option for coffee shop owners, removing the need for long preparation times. All-butter, almond and chocolate – or ‘pain au chocolat’ if you’re feeling pretentious – are the most beloved best-sellers, croissants have found their place in the UK’s top 10 most consumed breakfast foods.

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Standard Retail Price: £4.50

Average Markup: 250-350%

With modern heath crazes sweeping the nation after each new study or celebrity chef series, salads are an essential item to stock for the health conscious customer. Nicoise, caesar and Greek make up a popular trio of options, but the combinations and profitability of these are endless.

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Standard Retail Price: £2.10

Average Markup: 125-175%

A coffee shop staple, muffins are a front-runner of the sweet-treat offerings. Available in tempting varieties such as blueberry, double chocolate and raspberry & white chocolate – please stop drooling – muffins are a perfect impulse purchase item.

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Standard Retail Price: £4.25

Average Markup: 150-160%

The Swiss army knife of cafe offerings, easily presented for in house dining with a salad on the side, or served in ready to go bags. Popular varieties include ham & cheese, chicken & chorizo and meatball & tomato, but this Italian style offering can be used to create all manner of intriguing vegan alternatives such as balsamic cherry & shaved asparagus.Related image


Standard Retail Price: £3.25

Average Markup: 175-225%

Keep it simple. What more is needed than delicious fillings crammed between two pieces of fresh bread. Infinite combinations allow coffee shops to continue refreshing their menu with a high markup, globally popularity food.

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