7 must-know facts about Mexican coffee


It’s that time of year again when the world is blessed with the sweet bodied flavours of Mexican coffee as it reaches the height of its prime shipping period. The Blend has summarised the top Image result for mexican coffee beansseven things to know about Mexico’s fine product before coffee shops opt to serve it as a guest roast through the autumn.

  1. Mexican coffees are typically wet processed – yet a selection of dry processed varieties are available.
  2. The nation primarily produces arabica beans that are most highly regarded from the coastal region of Soconusco.
  3. Typical growing altitudes of Mexican coffee are between 800 and 1,700 metres.
  4. Mexico is the eighth largest exporter of coffee in the world at 575.3 million lbs per year.
  5. These coffees typically having strong tasting notes of milk chocolate and almond.Image result for mexican coffee flaming waterfall
  6. Coffee plant varietals grown in Mexico are mostly Bourbon, Caturra, Maragogype, and Mundo Novo.
  7. The ‘flaming waterfall’ originated in Mexico – pouring tequila infused coffee which is set on fire between serving boats.

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