Cups made of coffee – the next big trend from Australia


After several studies from both the UK and Australia show that drinking three cups of coffee a day could add years to your life, it cannot be forgotten that only one in 400 disposable coffee cups in the UK is recycled, with this waste shortening the earths life.

Luckily, people are coming along with sustainable alternatives to consumers caffeine-fueled wastefulness, such as compostable pods for coffee machines, edible mugs, sports bras made from recycled coffee and now crockery made from discarded coffee husks.

Each year the production of coffee generates millions of tonnes of waste, and Huskee wanted to turn that waste into something both beautiful and practical.

The Sydney-based company somehow came up with the idea of making coffee cups out of discarded coffee husk after seeing figures of the alarming number of coffee cups that go to waste each day in Australia and – more prominently – the rest of the world.

“Many people don’t realise that coffee is the seed of a fruit,” says Tim Heinze, Huskee team member and coffee grower.

“Coffee starts out as two seeds inside this fruit and eventually ends up as a roasted coffee bean. The coffee seed has this layer of husk on it. HuskeeCup comes from the unused husk.”

HuskeeCup is a reusable ceramic alternative to regular mugs that’s comfortable to hold and keeps the coffee hotter for longer, thanks to its grooved design.

It’s chip and crack resistant and the makers say their product is durable enough to withstand life in a busy cafe, as well as being elegant enough to also look the part.

The handle-less design is perfect for easy stacking, and the ridges keep the heat in, as well as adding grip. The cups come in a café-ready range of sizes – 6oz, 8oz and 12oz.

Each size fits a universal saucer, and lazy souls will be pleased to know the whole range can be shoved in the dishwasher.

Handily, the cup is recyclable, so if the cup is smashed, it can give cafe owners a guilt-free conscience.



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