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There is a new “must visit” destination in London for those who really love coffee: Coffee Studio 7Gr. has opened in Shoreditch.

An innovative format combining the latest generation café, a barista school offering courses, training and certification and a specialised shop where it is possible to find an extended range of products and coffee accessories for both amateurs and professionals.

The Shoreditch Coffee Studio is the second shop created by the young roasting company from Milan, Sevengrams, a company that has always kept a firm focus on its main priority: the research of high quality coffee blends and single origins. This is achieved through ensuring that company experts oversee every single stage of production, from the selection of only the finest green beans to the extraction to coffee cup.

The main difference between the first Coffee Studio in Milan, which opened in 2014 and is now a key destination for coffee lovers, is the stronger focus the Coffee Studio in London places on retail, offering a service from 7.00am to 5.30pm.

With the creation of Sevengrams UK Ltd at the beginning of 2017 and with the launch of the Coffee Studio in London, Sevengrams presents its quality offer in one of the trendiest areas of London. Based at 194 Shoreditch High Street, the shop is a small coffee boutique, with a counter top bar equipped with a Strada AV La Marzocco espresso machine, a retail display and a small area to rest and enjoy a coffee with seating both inside and out available.

In Shoreditch, as in Milan, it is possible to appreciate the unique Italian style designed by Lago, one of the oldest partners of Sevengrams and a leading company in the field of furniture design and manufacturing. A very modern style, with a fresh and an informal character, where every single detail has been planned to guarantee the maximum level of functionality, creating both a comfortable and pleasant environment.

The menu is focused on coffee and its characteristics. Starting from the classic espresso and all espresso based drinks, such as cappuccino, it is also possible to enjoy filter coffees. The various single origin and specialty coffee can be extracted in different hand brew techniques such as V60, Chemex and Siphon or cold brew.

A noteworthy offer is Coffee Tour: a novel feature on the menu, focused towards people who wish to deepen their knowledge of coffee through various tastings. A variety of coffees are presented on trays with espresso and cappuccino made of coffee blends and served together with the single origins, all brewed using different methods, for a tasting experience truly complete and innovative. The offer is extremely modern and particular, that together with highly trained baristas make the Coffee Studio an innovative place to enjoy your coffee: a pure Italian response to the international trend known as the “Third Wave”.

Courses start over the following months and mean it will be possible to undertake all modules of Coffee Diploma System SCA, already available in Milan. It will also be possible to join Latte Art courses. Coffee Studio 7Gr. is the only company in the U.K. licensed to grant the internationally recognised certification LAGS (Latte Art Grading System).

The new location has registered an extremely positive response from the public since trading commenced and will be officially open from Saturday the 16th of September, simultaneously with the opening London Design Week. From 5.30 p.m. it will be possible to try all 7Gr. products and also toast to the opening with the cocktails prepared with the coffee liquor Sevendrops. Two extraordinary drinks created for the occasion by the head barista Marzia Viotti are Seven Tonic and Martini Drops.

To make the event even more unforgettable, Chiara Bergonzi, International champion and judge of Latte Art, as well as the person in charge of training and education for 7Gr, will be attending the party to discuss about the coffee innovations and to perform a latte art live show.

An open invite to all the coffee lovers and professionals, to celebrate a common passion for a drink that will never stop to seduce with its aroma, intense flavour and endless shades.

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