Lincoln and York launch new cold brew coffee


Lincoln & York, one of the UK’s leading coffee sourcing, roasting and packing specialists, and the manufacturer behind some of the UK and Europe’s top coffee brands, launches it’s first product under its own name.

Lincoln & York’s new Black Eye ‘coffee served cold’ is suited to today’s fast-growing cold brew coffee market, and is supplied in a convenient ready-to-serve foodservice format, ideal for the coffee shop market.

Black Eye is the result of Lincoln & York’s long-established coffee expertise. It is crafted using a blend of Arabica beans from Guatemala, Brazil and Colombia, roasted and ground to perfection before being steeped in cold filtered water for up to 20 hours. Because the bean doesn’t come into contact with hot water, the cold brew process brings out completely different flavour notes in the finished brew. As a result, Black Eye is naturally sweet with a smooth, chocolatey finish.

Black Eye is supplied in a 10 litre ‘bag-in-box’ which contains 30-40 servings, allows ambient storage and gives a nine-month shelf-life. It’s easy to dispense, either straight from the tap or through a nitrogen system, or a combination of both. Dispensing through nitrogen creates a silky-textured, Guinness-like drink. Black Eye blends well with milk, or can be used as a mixer for a wide variety of cocktails and ‘mocktails’.

James Sweeting, managing director of Lincoln & York, explains the reasoning behind the launch: “Cold brew coffee is currently one of the ‘hottest’ products around. The market is relatively new in the UK but is strong and fast-growing, so consumer demand for this on-trend product will only increase as it becomes mainstream.

“It’s an ideal time to introduce a great-tasting, high quality cold brew coffee onto the menu, and Black Eye ‘coffee served cold’ from Lincoln & York offers an easy-to-use, ready-to-go and profitable product for this lucrative market.”

Samples of Black Eye ‘coffee served cold’ in 10 litre ‘bag-in-box’ are available. For more
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