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Way back in January 2017, family business Eljays44 got together to see what they could do to further their business. After finalising plans the company pushed on with The Blend magazine, which, similar to other publications that Eljays44 produces, is a business to business magazine focusing on the positivity coming out of a passionate industry.

Twitter accounts, Instagram profiles and a website were created. Research was done, flatplans were deliberated over and an editorial plan was collated. We decided that we would focus a section of the magazine on improving business, but it actually transpires that each and every article in The Blend magazine has an angle of ‘what can this do to improve a business?’

The Blend

This was our interview for the Launch issue

We also decided to include articles involving people and companies that were doing something a little less ordinary, and having success from it. Finally, we decided to make sure that all the latest products, technologies and perishables were showcased in our product features.

It was an absolutely incredible feeling to see our work come to fruition at the end of April. Four months of hard work ended in our May issue coming into the office, and being sent, for the first time, to 4,000 of the UK’s independent speciality coffee shops.

The Blend

We featured the fantastic Birdhouse in our London focus

The reaction on social media channels, emails from the people we had met and conversations with the industry were brilliant. We had got it right and this gave us a great springboard to progress with the magazine.

This issue contained an interview with Matthew Harper of Look Mum No Hands!, took a look at the coffee shops inspired by Scandinavia and our regional focus started in the city with Kin, Kaffeine and Birdhouse showcasing what London’s coffee scene had to offer.

The Blend

We looked at why Scandinavia is an inspiration

This, along with a selection of features including a combined coffee shop-beauty salon and a dog-friendly café, really stood our launch issue up and took it to the market in a big way.

Since then, it’s gone from strength to strength and we’re predicting a huge 2018.


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