Bacon sandwiches infused with five shots of espresso available in London


Soho restaurant The Diner is catering to Londoners who over-indulge this year with the so-called “Ba-coffee Roll”. It is made of a brioche bun, boosted with two shots of espresso, bacon infused with maple syrup and coffee and — to sweeten things up — a whipped honey butter laced with coffee bean essence.

Matthew Ford, head of operations at The Diner, said the mix of ingredients had proved the biggest obstacle.

He continued: “The challenge has been to balance the natural bitterness in the coffee, with sweeter ingredients to create something that tastes amazing.

“By using a naturally sweeter brioche dough and infusing both coffee and maple syrup with the bacon we feel like we’ve created something so good it’s practically medicinal.”

While drinking coffee will temporarily help a hangover due to the caffeine boost, experts advise drinking plenty of water at the same time to combat the dehydrating qualities of the drink. Carbohydrates such as bread are also proven to help a hangover as they help restore depleted sugar levels. Bacon increases the level of amino acids, which help to clear the head.

The roll costs £3.95 and is available from the restaurant, on Ganton Street, via Deliveroo until 17 December. There will also be a ba-coffee role giveaway at Golden Square, Soho, and Tottenham Court Road station on Friday 8 December at 8:00am.

Joe Groves, at Deliveroo, said: “We have all at one point experienced the misery of being hungover at work and as the majority of Christmas parties take place midweek, there will likely be a lot of sore heads in the office across the UK this December.

“At Deliveroo we often see spikes in morning orders during party season so we thought we’d work with The Diner to create a perfect hangover cure for those who’ve overindulged.”

We at The Blend are certainly hoping this trend catches on with coffee shops across the UK!



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