Sweeping the nation: Rose lattes


2017 has seen the rise of matcha, turmeric and activated charcoal, but now there’s a new drink on the block. The rose latte is poised to be the next supercharged health drink sweeping the nation’s coffee shop menus, heralded for its natural concoction of oils and tonics. The flowery pick-me-up originated in Thailand and has made its way to the UK with tremendous success, becoming a smash hit on the menu at Farm Girl in London.

The drink is said to boost energy levels, nourish adrenals, support the body’s detoxification and boost the immune system.┬áContaining a variety of adaptogens that work to balance hormones, rose lattes claim to help the body adapt to different stressors and support immune health. From there, each individual adaptogen has its specific medicinal properties.Image result for rose latte

Publicised benefits of this adaptogenic herbal blend include: resilient stress response, balanced energy, uplifted mood, mental clarity, gentle detox, immune system fortification, adrenal wellbeing, healthy lipids and rejuvenation.

A selection of herbs that can be found in rose lattes include: Shwagandha, burdock, chaga, chicory, cinnamon, codonopsis, dandelion, eleuthero, he shou wu, reishi, rhodiola and shatavari.

Whether the rose latte will be the next fleeting health trend that will soon fizzle out or a lasting trend, coffee shop owners may want to get on the bandwagon early to satisfy consumer curiosity while it lasts.


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